The two had discussed several ideas to increase the park's profitability over the years, but only as casual conversation. It took the Omaha Strategist less than two minutes to accept Dennis' offer to step-in and "do his thing". Dale had spent a lot of his free time over the past year building-up his community embetterment project, - a directory of fun things to do in and around Omaha. After watching so many businesses in this industry close the previous year, Dale was eager to intervene.

"Dennis is everything you want in neighbor and Community Business Owner - I don't think I've ever heard him utter the phrase "I don't care" about anything. Plus he built an amazing place here - I almost would have taken the project on for free - almost."

Dale took over operations on February 24th and immediately went to work on a game plan for the 2020 Season. Which was more about preservation than change. "If we don't preserve all the things that make Boulder Creek a great place, then we might as well have let the bulldozers level it. The summer camp feel Dennis created is going to stay the same. The main attractions, the food, the pricing model - I can't mess with any of that without taking away from the park. My job is to get people to re-experience the park not change it."

Despite the preservation efforts there are plenty of changes in-store for Boulder Creek. The company has plans to replace the rock climbing wall with an old fashion outdoor roller skating rink. They're adding an outdoor Ice Cream Shack, a free sports play area with football, basketball, corn hole and high-striker games. And probably the most noticeable change is the retro 80's Arcade and parlor being added to the clubhouse.

None of this would be possible without the overwhelming support we've seen from the community. We have local businesses that have stepped-up and bought in-park advertising as well as a lot of families that have been purchasing season passes. Without that cash infusion none of the improvements and additions would be possible.

Pictured Above Dale Abramson AKA The Omaha Strategist is inspecting the Rock Climbing Wall to post for Sale. This attraction has been at the park since it's opening in 1999, but concerns about liability and the large insurance expense led to the decision to replace the wall with a new attraction.

Twenty years of first jobs and first dates, Boulder Creek Amusement Park on 142nd & S Streets in Millard represents a rich part of Omaha's history. But it almost went the way of SkyZone, Skate Daze, Family Fun Center and nearly a dozen other family entertainment businesses that had to shut their doors permanently in 2019.

The bulldozers were lined up! After 2019 hit this seasonal business with 12 straight weekends of rain, park founder Dennis Schuette, was ready to call it quits. Attendance had been dwindling for years as less and less people were looking for entertainment options outside of the home.

Dennis put the property up for sale in the off-season, but when a national buyer came along with plans to bulldoze the park, Dennis was struck with a different idea; call up long-time friend and business strategist, Dale Abramson.


Wow did 2020 Suck

We lost a lot of good businesses in 2020. Luckily Boulder Creek remained open, we had an awesome team and lots of fun. Omaha Strategist will be returning for a second season to finish what we started; and we can't wait!