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Renew Your Family Season Pass

Same Deal as Always...

Free Unlimited Entry for up to 6 people in one household. Includes Unlimited Play & up to 6 turns in the batting cage. Extra guests are 1/2 price, extra tokens are $1 each and 10% off all food and beverages. All for only $129 + tax.

You must already be a season pass member to purchase. You can buy up to 1 additional Family Season Pass as a gift. Must be purchased before December 31st 2022. We cannot make exceptions to this - Sorry.

Due to the constant rising costs we are discontinuing the family season pass - at least for the next season. But anyone that already has a season pass can renew at the low locked-in rate. And as a Thank You for your continued patronage while we work to revitalize the park the owners have ok'd letting current season pass customers purchase one additional Family Season Pass as a gift.

Questions, Comments or Concerns please email    - Thank You and see you next season

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Everything Will Be Open in April!