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The Third Annual

Greater Omaha Putters Cup



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Tournament will be held at Boulder Creek Amusement Park 14208 S Street in Millard. Check-in begins at 10am on Saturday, September 3rd 2021. All players must be present at this time.


You are welcome to bring your own club or use a house putter. Balls will be provided by Boulder Creek. Food and Refreshments (including alcoholic beverages) will be available for purchase throughout the event. Friends and Family are encouraged to attend and cheer on their favorite putter (presumably you).


Each player will play 34 holes (17 per course) with a total par of 80. Lowest overall stroke count wins. In the event of a tie, there will be a pre-selected 5 hole tie breaker round. Followed by a sudden death round if necessary. There can only be one grand prize winner.


Tournament First Place Prize ($1,000 and First Place Trophy)

Tournament Second Place Prize ($500)

Tournament Third Place Prize ($200)

All contestants will receive an Commemorative Event T-shirt for participating.


Hole-In-One Prizes will be gifts from Tournament Sponsors and include items such as Free Meal / Activity vouchers and Products. We have 34 sponsors in total. Prizes are determined by the hole's corresponding sponsor.

Professional photographer will be on-site taking photos for event promotion. By entering the competition you agree to allow Boulder Creek to use these photos for promotional purposes.


Rules of Play -


1. All players must be present at Tournament Start

2. Players are permitted to bring their own club or use a house putter

3. Players are NOT permitted to bring their own ball.

4. 34 holes will be played (Par 80) lowest overall stroke count wins

5. In the event of a tie, there will be a pre-selected 5 hole tie breaker round

6. A second tie will result in a sudden death round (first hole won, wins the tournament)

7. Players will have 6 strokes to make it in the hole. If the ball is not sunk in six strokes or

    less, the player receives a score of 7 and will move on to the next hole.

8. Debris may be present on course at time of play. Player is responsible for clearing any

    debris from his or her path. No obstacle whether temporary or permanent will constitute

    interference of play.

9. Accidental contact with the ball (no backswing) will not count as a stroke and ball will

    be returned to its last rest position.

10. Players cannot stop a ball while in motion in the playable area.

11. Players are permitted to move a ball that comes to rest against the edge, no more than

      the length of the head of the putter.

12. If the ball exits the playable area there will be a one stroke penalty to move the ball

      back to the point where it exited and the player will take their next stroke.

13. Unsportsmanlike conduct will result in expulsion from the tournament. Only one person

      can win, but everyone can have fun.

To register simply select your shirt size and then click the pay now button to complete the registration. There are 200 slots available, once 200 people register the button will no longer work. Receipt will show payment to Universal Experts (our event partner).

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